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  • Rock Band

  • All About the Blues

  • Ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16 (10 Weeks) Cost $375 (cost will be prorated if your musician can not make all 10 weeks. Students will be paired with other musicians of similar age and skill level. They will rehearse for 1.5 hours each week at our Town Center Studio.  They will learn technique, Music Theory and Performance each week with an amazing Instructor and Professional Musician.  They will have a performance at the end of the summer.  They will write their own songs and also learn fun, popular, age-appropriate songs. 


Pre-Professional Band Program

  • Designed for the serious young musician who is dedicated and committed to consistent practice and musical growth.

  • Available by Audition or Invitation only

  • 1.5 hour weekly rehearsal (with scheduled time off for holidays and vacations)

  • 30 minute weekly Individual lesson

  • 12 month commitment

  • Music theory-  bands will learn all aspects of music theory an how it applies to a band format.  These include songwriting, use of dynamics, rhythm, melody, harmony, etc...

  • Music Technique-  Students will learn techniques that applies to their instrument in a band situation. 

  • Music Performance- Students will put together the Theory and techniques that they have learned into a song.  Students will learn songs and performance techniques.  They will also perform their original songs.

  • Music Recording-   Students will have the opportunity to record original music.  They will learn the basics of being a studio musician.  They will learn some recording techniques.

  • Cost $250/month



  • Designed for the casual musician who wants the opportunity to play music with like-minded individual in a recreational sense.

  • 1.5 hour rehearsal on the 1st and 3rd week of each month.  

  • 30 minute Individual lessons on the remaining weeks of each month.

  • Students learn Music Theory, Technique and Performance

  • Open to all ages and skill levels (students are paired with band members of similar skill level)

  • Cost $150/month

Tone Revival, Red Atlas and The Wave are some of our Youth Bands.  Tone Revival has been together for several years and perform regularly.  Visit their website and their Facebook page.  We have released their debut single, "Impact Zone" and it is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc...  They are currently completing their first FULL Album.  Click here for their song on Amazon




These bands rehearse and record weekly at our Town Center Studio.  They receive instruction from our highly qualified teachers.

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