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What to Expect from the Lessons

Music Lessons are meant to be fun which is why we call it "Playing Music".  However, just like any
sport or activity, excelling at music requires Dedication and hard work.  

Each child learns differently and improves in different ways.  

Children younger than 8, the physical aspect of playing an instrument is generally slower than older children.   However, mentally they are able to learn music theory and notation very well.  During this time, have your child show you the music theory and notation that they have learned in addition to their performing.  Music is its own language, and understanding and knowing this language is just as important as performing it.  Encourage your child to practice regularly, in small increments each day.  This repetition helps to build coordination and muscle memory.  By the time your child's physical abilities have caught up, they will skyrocket because of the strong foundation that has been laid.

Children 8-11, Children in this age group tend to learn very quickly.  Their motor skills are improving rapidly as is their cognitive development.  During this time, children are able to easily apply the music theory that they learn to their playing.  Regular practice is important to build muscle memory and to improve coordination.  

12- Up  With regular practice, this group excels rapidly.  Regular practice is important to build muscle memory, dexterity, and a strong comprehension of the relationship between Music Theory and Performance.  

Tips:  Encourage your child to perform for you and show what they have learned.  Observe the lessons so that you may help your child with their practice.  Ask your teacher questions when unsure about the lesson.  Be patient and supportive.  Success in Music takes time but lasts a lifetime.  

Lessons: Instruments can be available in your lessons.  However, it is best to learn and practice on your own instrument, so we recommend that your instrument is brought to each lesson.  Each lesson will cover Music Theory, Technique, and Performance.  Our goal is to "Make Music Fun" and the activities and methods used are to fulfill that goal.  A successful lesson requires that the student is prepared, attentive, and having fun!!!

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