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We specialize in teaching children music and making it fun. Whether the goals are to perform in a symphony, play with friends or join the local choir, music leads to a more fulfilling life. Additionally, students that are participating in music study generally score higher on math and science tests.
All lessons are taught by our highly qualified instructors, all of whom have vast music teaching experience and education. All of our instructors have undergone the rigorous Level 2 background screening that is required by your school district.

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Individual studio lessons are a great way for a student to learn quickly. 
With one-on-one instruction, students will receive focused direction and
learn at their own pace.   
We invite parents to sit in during their child's lessons. 
                                                                LESSONS IN SCHOOL
                                                                   We teach lessons in your child's school during the Extended Day                                                                         program. 
                                                                   The pricing for these lessons is different from our studio pricing                                                                             because school holidays have been factored into the monthly fee. 
                                                                   Once you have registered, your child will remain registered until we                                                                     are notified otherwise.  The day and time that is scheduled will be                                                                         the same each week.
Studio Location
Our studio is located in the greater Jacksonville area of Baymeadows.
$120/month for 30-minute lessons, once per week
$230/month for 1-hour lessons, once per week
One-time $35 enrollment fee per family
One-time $35 enrollment fee per family

Piano Lesson
Music Class
Virtual Conference


We teach lessons virtually.

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