""This summer, Discovery Montessori hosted Shawn Pfaffmans ROCK CAMP as part of our expanded camp programming.  The response to ROCK CAMP was phenomenal.  Mr. Pfaffman is a well respected and known teacher on campus at Discovery, but once Discovery families learned of the opportunity to experience a week of Rock n Roll history, while forming a band, writing a song and producing their own recordings, we had to expand the number of weeks and the size of ROCK CAMP dramatically.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
The quality of musical instruction remained consistent with what Discovery Montessori families have come to expect from First Coast School of Music.  Individualized instruction on the students instrument of choice was integral to the success of Rock Camp.  I can say without hesitation that Rock Camp with Shawn Pfaffman was the most successful summer camp program we offered this year.  
The students were continually inspired to work creatively as a group and independently to produce their own lyrics and personalized instrument tracks.  The environments at Discovery lend themselves to this experience of intrinsic musical motivation, allowing students to find their own songs.  Entering the Rock Camp arena was simply a pleasure and it is a profound joy to be in the company of a teacher who truly inspires children to creatively explore their musical curiosity in an educational and fun atmosphere.  I give First Coast School of Music my highest compliments."-       Kim Bednarek, Co Head of School  Discovery Montessori School, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Thank you so much. You have been a huge benefit for our school."- Rosemary Nowotny, Principal,Holy Family Catholic School, Jacksonville, FL

"We knew from a very young age that our son loved music and had amazing natural ability. We enrolled him in First Coast School of Music’s summer Rock Band Camp and that is when we knew we wanted to continue with them. We now have been taking private piano lessons with Shawn Pfaffman for over a year now. We are so incredibly thrilled with the school. Not only is our son learning so much but his love of music is growing more and more every week. Shawn is able to keep a 7 year old interested which can be hard at times. Shawn is always saying that if they don’t have fun they won’t continue progressing. He makes learning fun! We are excited to continue with the piano lessons and soon bring in some other instruments. Highly recommend that if you are looking for a music school for your child to learn and have fun, then First Coast School of Music is the one!"- Kaci Ariza

"Shawn is a wonderful teacher!  He has given my daughter a greater love of music through his youth band program.  She started with his rock band camp and I am so glad she has been able to continue with the youth band program.  She looks forward to all of her practices and performances.  She even wants to take additional music lessons over the summer.  I credit Shawn's ability to relate to and teach kids with her increased enthusiasm for music.  Thanks Shawn for the one of a kind opportunity!"- Kara Bishop



"Over the past year Ethan has matured so much and along with that his confidence has grown. We attribute his positive personal growth to his continued love for music and all that you have done to help him be successful. He actually wrote a song for us last week. He plugged in his amplifier, sat on the couch and played this great new melody for my entire family. We are so proud that our 8 year old son came up with this all by himself and he was clearly so proud too. Thank you for sharing your gifts of teaching and music Shawn. We are so grateful for you and your school."
  - Amy Mohr, Blessed Trinity School


"I'm pleased with the program. It is accessible and convenient to us, being right after school. Dean (Dean Slickis) is an excellent teacher and very encouraging to the children."
-Parent, Cathedral Parish